Colorado: Obama Campaigns in Jefferson County

Colorado: Obama Campaigns in Jefferson County

President Barack Obama will campaign in Colorado’s Jefferson County on Thursday. Yesterday, Obama headed to Las Vegas to campaign after a brief press conference about the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

Jefferson County, along with Arapahoe County, is one of two of the most important swing counties in Colorado. George W. Bush won the county in 2004 with 53% of the vote, and Obama won the county in 2008 with 55% of the vote. Obama will campaign in Golden, the county’s seat. 

In Colorado this week, Romney received the endorsement of Colorado’s Citizens for Life.

“Colorado is an important state in the 2012 presidential election and every pro-life voter should support Mitt Romney,” the group said said. “Mitt Romney supports the kind of common sense positions on abortion most Colorado voters have. He opposes taxpayer funding of abortion, he supports parental involvement and he opposes the Obamacare law that poses concerns about abortion funding and health care rationing.”

Citizen’s for Life wrote that Obama had “repeatedly pushed policies requiring taxpayer-funding of abortion, he has refused to sign bills with even modest limits on abortion, and he supports late-term abortions.”

For Romney to win Colorado, he has to rack up margins in conservative areas like Colorado Springs, hold down Obama’s margins in more liberal areas like Boulder and Denver and win the swing counties like Jefferson. 

Outside groups like Americans For Prosperity (AFP) may help Romney reach these independent voters. Local Colorado media interviewed the group’s president, Tim Phillips, as AFP went through Colorado on a bus tour that highlighted Obama’s failing agenda. 

“This part of the country, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, they’ve been hit pretty hard and they haven’t seen the results from the President’s policies,” Phillips told a Northern Colorado radio station. “We think there is enormous opportunity here.”


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