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Senator Berkeley Makes 'Most Corrupt' List

Senator Berkeley Makes 'Most Corrupt' List

CREW, the left-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington released its annual “Most Corrupt” members of Congress list Wednesday, and there was only one candidate for the United States Senate who made the list: Shelley Berkley of Nevada: a “dishonorable mention.”

CREW asserted:

Rep. Berkley has repeatedly intervened to stop proposed cuts in Medicare reimbursement rates for nephrologists while taking thousands in campaign contributions from the renal physicians’ main political action committee, of which her husband is a former chairman.

CREW added that Berkley intervened “to save a kidney transplant program at a university hospital” when her husband, Dr. Larry Lehrner, had “a direct financial stake in keeping the transplant program in operation.”

The Berkley campaign asserted that putting her on the list was unfair, but CREW director Melanie Sloan disagreed:

I don’t know what facts they could be complaining about. The woman’s under investigation. Of course you’re going to be on the list if you’re under investigation.

The House’s Committee on Ethics is still pursuing a full investigation against Berkley.


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