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David Axelrod: Sheldon Adelson Is Just Greedy

David Axelrod: Sheldon Adelson Is Just Greedy

Now the Obama Administration is using what-used-to-be-thinly-veiled-and-is-now-becoming-more-overt-day-after-day anti-Semitism to attack Sheldon Adelson as greedy in their latest campaign email from David Axelrod.

It reads:

Sheldon Adelson, the conservative billionaire Las Vegas casino owner, has pledged to give up to $100 million — whatever it takes — to defeat Barack Obama.

Is there one of us with Adelson’s money who wouldn’t?

We know it’s not out of love for Mitt Romney, so why part with so much money? As President Clinton reminded us last week, sometimes the answer is as simple as arithmetic.

This is despicable. Adelson has always been concerned about Israel, and Romney is clearly light-years more concerned about Israel than Obama. And just how many millions has Adleson given to charity compared to that Obama hack?

So let’s do the math: According to a new report from the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Adelson could see up to $2 billion in savings under Mitt Romney’s tax plan versus the President’s plan. That’s how much Romney’s policies would favor millionaires and billionaires.

If Mitt Romney wins — $2 billion more for Adelson. If Barack Obama wins, millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.

It’s a highly cynical but straightforward calculation.

No, the one who has always been cynical is you, Axelrod.

Today, you can help write a different equation.

Donate $3 or more, and let’s make sure this election is decided by millions of Americans, not a handful of billionaires.

Here’s how it would work for Adelson in a Romney-Ryan administration:

Romney would keep in place the Bush tax cuts, and cut Adelson’s income taxes by an additional 20 percent. Adelson savings: $1.5 million per year on income he earns as CEO.


Romney’s plan eliminates taxes on foreign profits like the ones Adelson makes on his Asian casinos. Adelson savings: $1.2 billion.

Romney’s plan maintains the current low tax rate on dividends. Adelson savings: $120 million per year.

Romney’s plan removes the estate tax. Adelson heirs save: $8.9 billion.

And please tell us why a man shouldn’t want to increase his wealth for his children and their children.

I honestly can’t think of a more straightforward contrast in this election.

You bet your fat posterior you can’t.

We don’t have Sheldon Adelson, and with all due respect, we don’t want him.

That’s hilarious. You would drool to get him.

We’re relying on more than 3 million grassroots donors like you, who are giving an average of $58.

Fine. You rely on 3 million people who are watching their savings dwindle away and then tell us you don’t want Adelson.

Donate $3 or more today and let’s win our way:

We won’t even bother going into detail about what winning your way means, because there are words that are simply unprintable.


P.S. — With only 53 days left until Election Day, the money we raise right now is critical. Don’t hesitate — chip in today.

Axelrod is Jewish, like Adelson.  For him to imply Adelson is acting out of greed rather than acting because he knows how dangerous Obama is for America and Israel reveals who Axelrod truly is; a capo who not only aids the destruction of Israel but also Israel’s best friend, the United States of America.


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