Heavy Rains Wash Away Obama Supporters and Protesters at Jay Z Fundraiser

Heavy Rains Wash Away Obama Supporters and Protesters at Jay Z Fundraiser

Last night pop stars Jay Z and Beyonce held a high-ticket fundraiser for President Obama at his 40/40 Club in Manhattan. For a mere $40,000 per ticket, guests could party down and rub elbows with the President. While supporters and protesters were expected to greet the president on his way to the event, however, heavy rains scared away most from coming out to the streets.

Coming just one day after the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, with hundreds of protesters still in town, Occupiers scheduled a protest of the president that was set to take place at the same time his motorcade whisked him through the police barricades to the night club.  

However, due to heavy, monsoon-like rain, a few dozen protesters awaiting the president at Madison Square Park were forced to throw in the towel and abandon their march for the “99 percent.”

Police barricades left New York residents on their way home from work stranded during the heaviest moments of the downpour as the president’s motorcade passed. 

Many cursed the president for causing the transit nightmare on their nightly trip home from work, while only a few supporters actually came out to cheer for the president.

One resident was overheard shouting, “F*ck this president, who the f*ck does he think he is? I’m sick of this and I don’t care who hears me.” 

Another, in an almost zombie-like trance, walked out from the shelter of a tree on the side of 5th Avenue drenched by the downpour just to get glimpse of the president through the barricades as the flashing lights of squad cars went by.


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