Romney Releases Tax Info: Time For Obama To Disclose '08 Donors

Romney Releases Tax Info: Time For Obama To Disclose '08 Donors

By the end of today, GOP nominee Mitt Romney will have disclosed two full years worth of tax returns and twenty years worth of top-line tax information. From early reports, what we’ve learned is that the Romney’s been very successful in life, paid the appropriate rate for investment earnings on monies he’s already paid taxes on, and that unlike our stingy President and Vice president, he and Mrs. Romney have donated upwards of 30% — millions upon millions to charity.

The media and Obama campaign have been whining, distracting, and crybabying for this information for months now. But we all know that getting what they want will never shut them up because the tax return narrative was never about anything other than beating Romney senseless at the request of the Obama campaign.

In a just world, though, the narrative would now turn towards demanding some vitally important transparency from our sitting president — especially over something that is as relevant today as it ever was: The names and addresses of those who financed somewhere around 25% of President Obama’s 2008 $600 million campaign.  

Now that Obama and the DNC have pretty much caught up to Romney in the  2012 money game, the corrupt media is no longer as obsessed and concerned as they once were about all that awful outside fundraising. But money has been a big story throughout the 2012 election, and yet we still have absolutely no idea where a ton of Obama’s 2008 contributions came from.

To be clear, I’m not talking about outside PACs and super PACs .

I’m talking about over 100 million of non-disclosed dollars that went right into the Obama campaign coffers.

Here’s how this all came down….

In 2008, Obama broke his promise to accept federal campaign matching funds in order to raise unlimited money through his own fundraising operation — much of it through the campaign’s website. By law, a presidential candidate is required to disclose the names and addresses of those behind all of his donations … except small-dollar donations, defined as anything $200 or less.

In the spirit of transparency, John McCain disclosed the names and addresses of every single one of his donors, including small dollar donors.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, hid behind the law and as of now still hasn’t disclosed the names and addresses of any of his small dollar donors. This means that the public has absolutely no idea who it was who donated upwards of $125 million to our sitting president’s campaign.

At no time, not during the 2008 election or this one, has the same media obsessed over taxes returns Mitt Romney has already filed with IRS ever once pressured Obama to follow John McCain’s lead and tell us just who it was that financed around a quarter of his record-breaking $600 million campaign, most of it over the WORLD wide web.

And not even Slate bought Team Obama’s absurd excuse that compiling this list would be too time-consuming:

Barack Obama refuses to release the names of the 2 million-plus people who have given his campaign less than $200. According to campaign officials, it would be too difficult and time-consuming to extract this information from its database. So how come we were able to do it in a couple hours? Not literally–we don’t have access to the campaign’s list of donors–but we created a database of similar size and format in a Web-ready file and posted it online.

But that’s about as far as the media took its criticism.

Instead, the corrupt media has done what the Obama campaign ordered it to do: blindly portray these small dollar donations as proof of Obama’s popularity with the regular folk.

And yet

The Campaign Finance Institute (CFI) noted in past releases that donations are not the same as donors, since many people give more than once. After a more thorough analysis of data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), it has become clear that repeaters and large donors were even more important for Obama than we or other analysts had fully appreciated.

So it might well be that this undisclosed $125 million wasn’t entirely the result of college hipsters enamored with The One, but rather big dollar donors giving more than once to stay under the radar.

Which would be bad enough.

But the worse-case scenario is the idea of illegal donations coming from outside the United States.

We simply don’t know and the reason the Obama campaign gives for not telling us just isn’t credible — which only makes me more suspicious.

But when you’re Obama and you have a lapdog media scared to death to kick over any rock that might result in bad news for you, you don’t have to offer a credible reason.

You can just  win the presidency with $125 million that came from God knows where. 


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