Post-Debate: Romney Rebounds in OH, VA

Post-Debate: Romney Rebounds in OH, VA

The first post-debate polls are just starting to get released, and in both Ohio, Florida, and Virginia (if you believed the wildly skewed media polls showing insurmountable leads for Obama), Mitt Romney has bounced back in ways the corrupt media said was impossible.

According to Rasmussen, in Ohio, the race is statistically tied among likely voters, with Obama ahead by only a single point: 50-49%. In a tighter screen meant to gauge enthusiasm and “certainty” of voting, it’s Romney who takes the lead, 52-48%.

Rasmussen’s numbers are backed up by pollster We Ask America, which shows Romney leading 47-46%.

The deep dive numbers are even more impressive. Ohio voters trust Romney more on the economy by a margin of 49-45%, and he bests Obama on national security, 48-47%.

In better news for Romney in Ohio, one of the great underreported stories is how well the GOP is doing in closing the early voting gap:

In a remarkable reversal of fortune for President Obama in Ohio, the GOP has closed the huge gap in absentee ballot requests used by early voters that favored the Democrats and the president in 2008, setting up what one state analyst said could be a Mitt Romney blowout on Election Day.

While in 2008, 33 percent of the 1,158,301 absentee ballots went to Democrats and just 19 percent to registered Republicans, a 14-point gap, this year 29 percent are being requested by Democrats and 24 percent by Republicans, a five-point gap.

An underreported detail in this underreported story is how much time and money the Romney campaign has put into its ground game. I’ve read that Team Romney is waaaay ahead of where McCain ever was . Also, the Tea Party, that’s nowhere near as dead as the media would like, is moving mountains to get our vote out all across the country and in the swing states. We learned a lot about mobilizing our vote in 2010, and that experience is apparently being put to very good use this year.

The news for Romney in the equally crucial swing state of Virginia is even better. Though statistically tied, Romney is up in this poll, 49-48%. We Ask America gives Romney a three-point lead, 48-45%.

In Florida, We Ask America has Romney up by three, 49-46%.

The best news here is that Romney is showing he can hit 50%. That’s a crucial benchmark for a challenger and until now, one that’s eluded Romney in most polls.

Actually, the best news is that the momentum is all with Mitt Romney right now. The trend is even more important than the numbers.



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