No Need to Prove Residency to Vote in Battleground Wisconsin

No Need to Prove Residency to Vote in Battleground Wisconsin

Despite election irregularities witnessed and reported during the Wisconsin recall election earlier this year, there is no need to prove residency in the state if one wants to register vote in this November’s contentious election.

According to Media Trackers, “Anyone who is in Wisconsin 20 days or more before an election can register to vote without proving they are indeed a resident.”

This vulnerability, due to the current state law, has many concerned over the integrity of the upcoming election. The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has even promoted this gap of assurance in a fair election through its Twitter feed, encouraging people to register by today, October 17, with no need to prove residence.

While many on the left continue to argue that the number cases of voter fraud are minuscule, this appears only to be the case due to the difficulty in actually proving instances of the vote fraud being committed.

Media Trackers identified three SEIU organizers who were registered to vote in Wisconsin on the same day as the non-partisan Election Day in favor of the recall in the spring of 2011. Those three were living in a Milwaukee hotel room, all with driver’s licenses from Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey, in the state to organize recall efforts against Governor Scott Walker. Because they were within the 20-day window, and thanks to the hard evidence that Media Trackers provided the district attorney, the cases were investigated.

This presents a very real concern regarding the efforts of community organizers and political activists moving into the state of Wisconsin, no doubt a battleground in the presidential race between Barack Obama (D) and Mitt Romney (R), as well as the very tight race between Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D) and former Governor Tommy Thompson (R).

Thanks to the efforts of citizen journalists and groups like Media Trackers, MacIver Institute, and Project Veritas, many election irregularities and cases of actual voter fraud are beginning to be reported on in the state of Wisconsin and elsewhere. Stay tuned to Breitbart News as we bring further battleground coverage from the dairy state.


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