Louisiana: Boustany Fights for Another Term at the Taxpayer Trough

Louisiana: Boustany Fights for Another Term at the Taxpayer Trough

Boehner protégé Rep. Charles Boustany (R- LA) is running ads against Tea Party supported Rep. Jeff Landry (R-LA), accusing Landry of raising taxes and driving the country off the fiscal cliff. Upon closer examination, it is Boustany who has supported the Obama administration’s policies, putting the tax payers on the hook for millions if not billions of dollars.

Redistricting in Louisiana has put the two Republican incumbents against one another for the congressional seat in Louisiana’s third district. The state holds a “jungle primary” which has a large field of candidates from all parties, fighting for a 50% +1 win. The race could be decided in a December run-off if none of the candidates win a majority of votes.

Transcription of Boustany’s ad:

I’m Doctor Charles Boustany, and I approve this message. On January 1st, massive tax hikes will hit every American. Recession next year unless Congress stops it this year. But politician Jeff Landry says punt – let the tax hike happen. That’s irresponsible and reckless. Higher taxes on the middle class, on married couples, on small businesses. Jeff Landry’s gambling $400 billion in higher taxes next year alone. That’s irresponsible judgment we can’t afford.

But it is establishment Republican Boustany who has consistently maintained a big government, big spending voting record. He voted for four times to extend the debt ceiling. (2011RC690, 2008RC681, 2008RC519, 2005RC149) and voted along with Nancy Pelosi, to give himself a pay raise (2007RC580) while middle class Americans are in financial straits.

Not only did Boustany vote for the Energy Policy Act (2005RC445), which established the Solyndra loan guarantee program, he continued to support other green energy boondoggles with $3 billion in green energy subsidies. (2011RC538)

Where else can you find Boustany’s support? With the bank bailout (2008RC681) and with the Export Import bank re authorization (2012RC224). Cash for Clunkers program? Boustany says “yes.” (2009RC682)

None of this is surprising if you look where Boustany gets a large chunk of his campaign war chest, he has over one million dollars in special interest PAC money. It must be harder for Boustany to fund raise locally, as he has taxed Louisiana voters’ money away to fund his big government escapades.


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