California Passes Prop 30, Raises Taxes

California Passes Prop 30, Raises Taxes

California voters narrowly approved Proposition 30,  Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed “temporary” tax hikes on wealthy earners, by a margin of 54% to 46% yesterday. The referendum will allow the big-spending state to raise revenues from those earning over $250,000 per year–much like President Barack Obama’s national plan.

Republicans in the state legislature had resisted similar tax proposals, so the governor turned to the electorate. That turned out to have been a good idea, as California voters seem to have a continued appetite for taxation.

Californians also rejected Proposition 32, which would have limited unions’ (and corporations’) ability to deduct workers’ pay to fund political contributions. In Los Angeles County, voters approved an extension of a raised sales tax to pay for expanded public transport, and also mandated the government-enforced use of condoms in pornographic films, likely pushing out a $14 billion local industry to neighboring counties or states.

Overall, a victory for big government and the nanny state in what was once America’s great economic hope.


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