D.C. School Posts Job Opening for Police Officer

D.C. School Posts Job Opening for Police Officer

Before the horrific crime at Sandy Hook Elementary even took place, some schools in our nation were already putting armed security and police officers on their campuses.

As a matter of fact, one such school–Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC–posted a job opening for a night shift police officer on Nov. 28, so they could have protection around the clock.

According to the posting, the position “is the overnight/midnight shift,” and they made it clear that candidates would have to provide copies of their training credentials, SPO license, and professional references. 

Gov. Christie’s comments to the contrary, just think how much safer the children at Sidwell are going to be because of such an officer’s presence.

For the record, this is something that is done in many parts of Texas: even in public schools. Instead of wearing a uniform, patrol officers will be put in street clothes and assigned a particular school for a time. And they are in that school to be sure the kind of thing that happened at Sandy Hook doesn’t happen there. 

To be clear, this is not new in Texas. It’s something Gov. Perry has been doing for some time. My point is simply that some people–Gov. Perry and Sidwell Friends School, in this particular instance–are taking logical and necessary steps to keep children safe. 


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