CT Sen. Chris Murphy Admits Newtown Families Were Deceived

CT Sen. Chris Murphy Admits Newtown Families Were Deceived

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy let a key detail slip out during an interview with the the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd that appeared on April 13th. 

In her column, Dowd recounts Murphy saying this: 


Wonder how the Newton families ended up not being told the real reason they were being flown to Washington until they were actually on the plane.  

I’m sure it was pretty heartbreaking and deflating for some of them to learn they’d been deceived and talked into making the trip under false pretenses by people like Senator Chris Murphy.  


Chris Murphy and the Democrats lied to these Newtown family members to get them to come to Washington. 

How breathtaking is it that the Democrats in their zeal for disarming American citizens will even lie to the people they want to use as props for their gun control agenda.  

Senator Chris Murphy and every one else who was involved in deceiving these Newton families should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.  

Hat tip to the gunssavelives.net blog for bringing this to my attention.  At the time Murphy made this startling admission, it seems to have slipped under everyone’s radar.  

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