Film: 'Fast Terry' McAuliffe Crushes Local Dreams

Film: 'Fast Terry' McAuliffe Crushes Local Dreams

A groundbreaking new film, Fast Terry, exposes how Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe hood-winked voters in both Mississippi and Virginia. The film, by Jason Meath, who directed the King of Bain documentary on Mitt Romney’s business career, exposes McAuliffe’s crony capitalist history. After viewing the film’s trailer, it is clear that McAuliffe is not an entrepreneur: he is a grifter. 

“The film is better than King of Bain,” filmmaker Jason Meath told Breitbart News. “Because Terry McAuliffe is King of the Whopper.”

After losing the Democrat nomination for Governor in 2009, McAuliffe set his sites on building an electric-car company, GreenTech Automotive. The company won lucrative concessions from the state of Mississippi and promised to create hundreds of jobs. 

While the state subsidies have flowed to the company, the other promises haven’t materialized. Filmmaker Meath, who spent considerable time in Mississippi where the GreenTech factory was promised told Breitbart News, “We spoke with community organizers, former Greentech workers, town officials and whistleblowers. There was a lot of frustration and even resentment directed at McAuliffe.”

Meath’s film chronicles almost two dozen individuals who feel they were misled by promises made by Terry McAuliffe. “Once we showed up people were coming at us from everywhere,” Meath said. “This film could have easily been 4 hours long.”

“People in Tunica, Mississippi and Franklin, Virginia feel like they have been preyed upon by McAuliffe,” Meath said. “Snake oil salesmen everywhere must be incredibly jealous.” 

McAuliffe has stepped down as Chairman of GreenTech to run for Governor of Virginia. The Commonwealth is a swing state, which gives him a chance. Meath’s film, however, should give Virginia voters pause. McAuliffe has pulled a fast-one on Mississippi taxpayers. We’ll see if he’s allowed to do the same in Virginians. 


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