Illegal Immigrant Teen Rapes, Murders 93-Year-Old Nebraska Woman

Illegal Immigrant Teen Rapes, Murders 93-Year-Old Nebraska Woman

An illegal immigrant teenager in Omaha, Nebraska reportedly raped and murdered a 93-year-old woman on Sunday.

Sergio Martinez-Perez, the 19-year-old alleged perpetrator, will be arraigned on murder charges in a Nebraska courtroom on Friday. According to investigators, Martinez-Perez “is not a legal resident of the United States” and “his country of origin is not yet clear” as of Thursday evening.

Autopsy results of the victim, Louise Sollowin, indicate the victim died “of complications due to blunt-force trauma to her head and body.”

Omaha police found “Martinez-Perez naked and on top of Sollowin. He had beaten her, sexually assaulted her and broken several bones in her face – and blood covered the room.” He then allegedly fell asleep on top of her.According to the prosecutor, Martinez-Perez “told police that he beat and raped the victim”

Joe Sollowin, the victim’s son, said he would like Perez to receive the ultimate punishment. 

“I want him to get the electric chair. That’s what I want. Of course that can’t bring my mother back, but he doesn’t deserve anything,” he said.


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