Hawaii Governor Won't Fix Home Loan Obstacle for Veterans

Hawaii Governor Won't Fix Home Loan Obstacle for Veterans

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, who once participated in a 1960s anti-Vietnam War rally where a U.S. soldier was hung in effigy, has dropped the ball on getting Veterans Administration mortgages in Hawaii.

This is happening because water coming from catchment water systems was deemed non-potable by a state bureaucrat in 2011, and veterans whose homes have such a system or who want to buy a home with such a system cannot get VA loans. Abercrombie has had the power to change this since 2011 but has refused to do so.

Hawaii representative Bob McDermott has sought a resolution for this issue, providing Abercrombie’s Chief of Staff with a letter containing new language that could be substituted for the old and which would re-open VA loans to Hawaii’s veterans–but Abercrombie has yet to make the change.

“Veterans are in a bad spot because a mid-level bureaucrat cherry-picked a statement on the potability of catchment water from a report on catchment water systems,” McDermott told Breitbart News on Saturday. “Because of this, the Veterans Administration will not even conduct an appraisal if there’s a water catchment system involved.”

McDermott said the problems veterans face could be quickly remedied if Abercrombie would but change the language the bureaucrat used in the pronouncement against catchment water. However, Abercrombie refuses to do so.

According to the representative, “The Governor is not doing this out of malice. Rather, he is simply incompetent and can’t get out of the way.”

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