Pew Poll: Obama, GOP to Share Blame for Government Shutdown

Pew Poll: Obama, GOP to Share Blame for Government Shutdown

A poll released Monday is potential bad news for Barack Obama and a mainstream media that has stridently backed him in the ongoing battle to defend ObamaCare against the GOP. With the president and his media firing both barrels of blame at the GOP in the event of a potential government shutdown, Pew’s poll shows that this tactic is not working. Obama and Republicans would equally share the shutdown blame.

After weeks of propaganda from Democrats and the media, Pew reports that only 39% would blame Republicans should this current budget battle result in a government shutdown. On the other hand, only a statistically insignificant 3% fewer, 36%, would blame Obama.

Part of the game the media and Democrats have been playing in this debate is to reach back all the way to the government shutdowns that occurred during the Clinton era as a way to convince squeamish Republicans that they are doomed should they allow history to repeat itself. But this has always come off as a cheap psy-ops ploy to those of us paying attention. This is not 1996. Things are much different than they were the last time the government shut down.

First off, the left no longer owns the media; there were no alternative media 17 years ago — just the left-wing MSM. Secondly, the budget battles of the nineties seem small when compared to today. There was nothing as universally loathed as ObamaCare in the debate. Finally, and this is not a small thing, the American people are not stupid. Earlier this year, Obama and the media tried to convince us that the sky would fall under sequester. It did not.

Don’t look for the media to talk much about this Pew poll. It would mean turning the corner of a Narrative in which they are deeply invested. Inconvenient facts and truths have no place in a Narrative set on auto-pilot.


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