ACORN's 'Fraternal Twin' An ObamaCare Navigator

ACORN's 'Fraternal Twin' An ObamaCare Navigator

United Labor Union Council, Local 100, often described as ACORN’s “fraternal twin,” has been awarded an ObamaCare “Navigator” grant to enroll people in health care exchanges. Local 100, based in New Orleans, will be conducting mass enrollments in Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. As a result, it will have confidential, personal information on thousands of people seeking health insurance. 

Wade Rathke founded both ACORN and Local 100. At one time, Local 100 was affiliated with SEIU. Over the years, Local 100 funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars of its members’ dues to ACORN and its network of organizations. 

While ACORN has closed its doors, Rathke remains involved with Local 100. On his blog, he recently wrote about attending a strategy session about Local 100’s outreach efforts as an ObamaCare Navigator.  

ObamaCare Navigators, who receive grants from the federal government, are tasked with helping people access the health care exchanges and enroll for health insurance. As such, Navigators will possess extraordinary amounts of confidential and personal information on millions of Americans. They will have information on individuals’ income and medical history. 

Considering how ACORN treated people’s voter registration information, often losing it or mistakenly throwing it away, it is worrying that its “twin” would have access to even more detailed information. Even if Local 100 can secure the information, there are no assurances they won’t use it for organizing or political campaigns. 

Local 100’s role as a Navigator, suggest the program is less about health care and more about building a new progressive infrastructure. 


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