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Pro-Life ObamaCare Customers Could Unknowingly Fund Abortion

Pro-Life ObamaCare Customers Could Unknowingly Fund Abortion
JOHN NOLTE reports that the ObamaCare exchanges launched just this month make it nearly impossible for buyers to know if they are purchasing a plan that includes coverage for elective abortions, including late-term abortions. ObamaCare does require that an abortion surcharge be levied each month for plans that cover abortion, but everything is apparently buried in the fine print in such a way that the a pro-life buyer could pay this surcharge without ever knowing what it is for. 

The new law requires premium payers to be assessed an abortion surcharge every month to pay for abortions,” said Rep. Smith. “But many pro-life Americans may unwittingly purchase pro-abortion plans because of a marketing secrecy clause embedded in Obamacare which stipulates that the surcharge be minimally disclosed only at the time of enrollment. In other words, bury it in the fine print. This is a Right to Know bill. Americans have a right to know upfront and with full transparency when they are purchasing a plan that subsidizes the killing of unborn children. Even the most ardent advocate of abortion should embrace full disclosure.”

Back in October of 2009, president Obama reassured Americans that “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.” But that is just not true. Many of the insurance plans sold under ObamaCare cover abortion, and many of those plans are purchased by buyers using subsidies funded by federal tax dollars.


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