A Vote for Sarvis Is a Vote for McAuliffe in VA Governor's Race

A Vote for Sarvis Is a Vote for McAuliffe in VA Governor's Race

With the Virginia gubernatorial election taking place on November 4, gun owners need to remember that a vote for Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis is a vote for Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Voting for Sarvis will put McAuliffe in place to follow through on his pledge to bring Colorado-style gun control to Virginia

The RealClearPolitics aggregate of polls shows McAuliffe currently leading in Virginia at about 45 percent, while gun rights proponent Ken Cuccinelli has about 39 percent and Sarvis receives about 10 percent. 

The 10 percent voting for  Sarvis have to understand that their votes will guarantee McAuliffe a victory. 

Some supporters of Sarvis have said they are voting for him because of his support for open carry of firearms, but this reason is moot if a vote for Sarvis hands the governorship to an anti-Second Amendment candidate like McAuliffe. He has promised to limit the number of guns Virginians can buy each month, to ban “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines, and to put universal background checks in place. 

Sarvis cannot win the November 4 gubernatorial election. However, pro-gun candidate Cuccinelli can win if those who value gun rights vote Cuccinelli instead. 

To vote Sarvis is to vote McAuliffe, which is a vote to take your own guns away.

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