Exclusive: Conservative Nonprofit ForAmerica Launches Social Media Campaign

Exclusive: Conservative Nonprofit ForAmerica Launches Social Media Campaign

Just in time for the 2014 midterm elections, conservative group ForAmerica is launching a six-figure social media and digital ad campaign targeting the Obama administration–specifically, the IRS’s handling of several scandals involving pro-America groups.

ForAmerica, a conservative non-profit civic league led by L. Brent Bozell III, head of the Media Research Center, announced exclusively to Breitbart News Monday that it is launching an initiative specifically intended to target “IRS abuses against Americans concerned with the direction of the country and for its escalating power, both with the enforcement of Obamacare and new regulations aimed at silencing non-profit social welfare groups.” 

The group’s mission statement notes that it aims to “reinvigorate the American people with the principles of American exceptionalism: personal freedom, personal responsibility, a commitment to Judeo-Christian values, and a strong national defense.” On the ground, ForAmerica’s mission has translated into action with Tea Party groups and other conservatives against the Affordable Care Act through rallies and awareness events. Bozell himself has been a vocal opponent of IRS overreach and attacked politicians on both sides of the aisle who have worked toward establishing the permanent rule of the Affordable Care Act over the healthcare management of Americans.

The new campaign by ForAmerica specifically targets the IRS through its own system of soliciting opinions from the public. The IRS has invited the public to send in recommendations and comments, with a February 24 deadline. The “End IRS Abuse” campaign will aim to make the best of this opportunity by raising awareness of the public’s ability to make comments about the IRS to the IRS. It will ensure that Americans are heard on issues such as the deep involvement of the IRS in the Affordable Care Act and subsequent “coincidental” targeting of anti-Obamacare groups for IRS audits.

ForAmerica’s campaign will invest thousands of dollars in social media engagement and online advertising to raise awareness of the public’s ability to submit comments. This will hopefully generate enough public outrage at the IRS’s behavior during the Obama years to significantly impact the public opinion intake on the IRS’s part. The power of social media to spark action and unity among the grassroots is key to the mission of the non-profit–which does not endorse any candidate or party, merely conservative values–and has played a major part more generally in the promotion of Tea Party groups and campaigns to reduce the power of the federal government.


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