Study: 65-85% Of ObamaCare Enrollees Already Had Insurance

Study: 65-85% Of ObamaCare Enrollees Already Had Insurance

A new study proves that ObamaCare is not decreasing the number of America’s uninsured. What we really have here is a ridiculously expensive taxpayer-funded shell game that allows ObamaCare to cancel your insurance, make it more expensive, re-enroll you through the ObamaCare exchanges, and then claim the program is a success and here to stay. Naturally, our pathetic media plays right along.

Finally, someone has done some actual reporting and discovered this truth:

65-89% of Obamacare exchanges enrollees were previously insured …

HealthMarkets, a insurance holding company based in Texas, conducted its own survey based on the 7,500-or-so people that the company enrolled in exchange-based plans. Based on their survey, obtained by Wilde and Mathews, only 35 percent of enrollees were previously uninsured. 10 percent previously had employer-sponsored coverage, but were dropping into the exchanges either because the exchanges offered a better (i.e., taxpayer-subsidized) deal, or because their employer had stopped offering coverage.

15 percent previously had individually-purchased coverage, but their old plans had been rendered illegal by Obamacare and were canceled. The remaining 40 percent were people previously covered under the old individual market, a market that was substantially less expensive than the Obamacare exchanges.

Not growing the insured; ‘we’re just adding complexity’

Priority Health, a non-profit health insurer in Michigan, surveyed 1,000 “enrollees…in plans that comply with the law,” and found that only a quarter were previously uninsured. Another 25 percent had previously enjoyed employer-sponsored coverage; the remaining 50 percent had been previously covered under individually-purchased plans.

The numbers the government released about those who enrolled in ObamaCare’s expansion of Medicaid are just as dishonest:

The Journal report comes on the heels of new analyses indicating that the Obama administration is wildly exaggerating the number of people who have signed up for the law’s expansion of the Medicaid program for low-income Americans. The administration claims that more than 4 million Americans have signed up for Medicaid coverage under the law. But Sean Trende of RealClearPolitics figures that only 5 to 7.5 percent of those enrollees were due to Obamacare.

Our media have always known that the government’s ObamaCare enrollment numbers were phony. Still, the media slavishly do what their government tells them and repeats those numbers without a hint of skepticism.



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