White Knockout Perp Charged with Hate Crime for Attack on Black Man

White Knockout Perp Charged with Hate Crime for Attack on Black Man

On Thursday, a 27-year old white Houston man was indicted for a hate crime for punching an unsuspecting 79-year old African American man. The incident occurred on November 24th and resulted in a broken jaw for the elderly victim.

Investigators say that Conrad Alvin Barrett sucker punched the man and laughed while yelling “knockout” as the victim fell to the ground. Detectives further remarked that he had videoed the “knockout” blow on his cell phone and later shared the recording. 

Barrett remains in custody since his arrest on December 26th. A court hearing is pending next week. His lawyer, George Parnham, has commented that Barrett has a bipolar disorder and was off his medication at the time of the assault.

Back in December, U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson said, “Evidence of hate crimes will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted with the assistance of all our partners to the fullest extent of the law.” If Barrett is convicted of the hate crime charge, he could be sentenced to up to ten years in prison and fined up to $250,000. 

The Right Scoop asks, considering all the incidents of the so-called “knockout game” that have occurred, why the “DOJ finally decides to jump in with hate-crime charges against a white suspect who broke the jaw of his elderly black victim in an attempt to knock him out.” The Right Scoop reported that it did a search of when a white WWII vet, Delbert Belton, was killed by two black men in Spokane Washington and couldn’t find any DOJ press release announcing hate-crime charges being filed against them. 

Robert Moon, an award-winning researcher and former Regional Coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, said in his article in the Conservative Examiner, “If we are going to impose more severe punishments for crimes involving race, but then only prosecute cases on one side of the aisle then what we are creating is special treatment, not equality… which everyone but the left readily acknowledges.”