Limbaugh: Why Are Republicans Scared of an Unpopular President?

Limbaugh: Why Are Republicans Scared of an Unpopular President?

On January 31st, talk show giant Rush Limbaugh said Republicans act “like Obama’s approval numbers are…in the eighties,” like they do not know that “majorities of Americans oppose practically everything Obama has done and wants to do now.” 

But instead of highlighting the damage Obama has done, Republicans are cowering and joining a suicidal amnesty push that takes attention away from the Obamacare disaster that Republicans should run against in November.

In addition to Obamacare, Obama’s energy policy has doubled the prices consumers were paying for a gallon of gas under George W. Bush. His war on guns is also wildly unpopular, but amnesty is taking attention away from that as well. 

On foreign policy matters, Russia does not respect the United States, Iran mocks us, and more than half of Americans believe we failed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Add the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, and Fast & Furious to the list, and the number of failures, questionable schemes, and alleged cover-ups are legion.

Yet Republicans clamor to support every endeavor Obama undertakes, including the amnesty push that will create a new Democrat-voting demographic that could deny Republicans a national election for decades to come.

Limbaugh said it is “frustrating and inconceivable” to see that Republicans are willing to sacrifice their party and their nation’s future to please Obama.

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