NRA's Chris Cox Calls Michael Bloomberg 'Arrogant Hypocrite'

NRA's Chris Cox Calls Michael Bloomberg 'Arrogant Hypocrite'

On April 25, speaking at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, NRA chief lobbyist Chris Cox described Michael Bloomberg as an “arrogant hypocrite.”

According to The Hill, Cox spoke as if Bloomberg were in earshot when he said, “Stay out of our homes, stay out of our gun cabinets … because this freedom is not for sale.” He added, “Mr. Bloomberg, you are an arrogant hypocrite.”

National Review reported that Cox stated, “What Michael Bloomberg doesn’t understand is that freedom isn’t for sale. You can’t buy the hearts and minds with a lot of advertising and press statements and egomaniacal statements like, ‘if there’s a God, I’m going straight to Heaven.'”

Cox closed by saying, “The goal shouldn’t be to hand firearms down to our children. The goal should be to hand this freedom down so they will have the freedom to purchase whatever they want to purchase.”

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