NYC Principal Dismissed for Sex at School during School Hours

NYC Principal Dismissed for Sex at School during School Hours

New York City principal Annie Schmutz Seifullah was dismissed from her six-figure salaried position after allegations emerged that she engaged in sexual conduct–in the school while classes were in session–with a number of men, including an NYPD school guard, an assistant principal, and a parent of one of the students.

The New York Post reports that Seifullah is also being accused of leaving racy photos of herself and her sex partners on Board of Education computers. The allegations surfaced on behalf of the father of one of the students with whom Seifullah allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship. After the relationship broke down, the father turned over evidence, including audio of Seifullah admitting to inappropriate behavior on school grounds, a middle school in Long Island City, Queens.

The Post adds that the father, whose name is being withheld to protect the student, “turned over three DOE laptops he obtained while living with Seifullah, including MacBooks containing photos of herself in racy lingerie and in various sex acts, including a threesome.”

Seifullah’s relationship with the parent did not violate any code of conduct the school has; officials can date parents in the school, as long as the child receives no special treatment, and the Post does not indicate that the child in question was treated any differently in the school because of their relationship. Seifullah helped the father financially, in addition to their romance–to the tune of $10,000, according to the Post.

He claims that she also cheated on him, potentially with some of the other lovers alleged to have engaged in sexual activity with her during school hours. This, he tells the newspaper, prompted the full revelation of her behavior and his decision to divulge the evidence that reportedly is on multiple computers.

As the Gothamist notes, this is the latest in a series of inappropriate sexual behavior within the New York City school system, including an incident in which students mocked a principal by posting throughout the school a racy photo of her obtained from Facebook. 

The Department of Education released a statement saying they were “appalled” by the allegations and are continuing to investigate them, as well as the possibility that children were exposed to inappropriate behavior or materials under Seifullah’s tenure.