Obama Pushes Amnesty at D.C. Tech Startup 1776

Obama Pushes Amnesty at D.C. Tech Startup 1776

On the day before the Fourth of July, President Barack Obama dropped by a Washington, D.C. tech startup called 1776 to promote amnesty legislation. 

Obama reportedly only gave 1776 “about an hour’s heads-up” and spoke about the need for “comprehensive immigration reform” and increasing the number of guest-worker visas.

“[There] are just a series of specific things we can do right now — many of them I’m doing on my own because we have the administrative authority to do it, but some of them we can’t do without Congress,” Obama said. “We can’t fix a broken immigration system that would allow incredibly talented folks who want to start businesses here and create jobs here in the United States, would allow them to stay and make those investments. That’s something that we need Congress to help us on.”

High-tech industries, as Breitbart News has reported, covet “massive increases in the number of guest-worker visas, even though numerous nonpartisan scholars and studies have proven that America has a surplus–not a shortage–of high-tech workers.”


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