Keep Up the Fight for Border Security

Keep Up the Fight for Border Security

Another week has gone by, and Democrats have yet to do anything except suggest our government spend more money to “solve” our current border crisis. Every day more and more immigrants are entering our country illegally, and every day, our president wants to talk about anything but our gigantic domestic policy crisis. None of this is by accident.

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) declared our Southern border “secure” and rejected calls to solve this crisis by deporting the thousands of illegal immigrant minors who are flooding our border. Despite this outrageous claim by Senator Reid (which is easily disprovable with one Google search), the mainstream media continues to sit on their hands and refuses to push back by simply stating the obvious. This is sadly just another example among a long list of failures by the press during crises in this country. They continue to insist on remaining silent on the important issues to protect the failing Obama presidency.

Not to be outdone, House Democrats have been saying America’s “doors are open,” and Nancy Pelosi labeled the current illegal immigrant crisis as an “opportunity.” Of course, for Democrats, this is an opportunity; an opportunity to continue to grow government and to have another reason to spend more of our tax dollars on a dependent group. This is a manufactured crisis created by Democrats, for Democrats.

This week there was a new report which shows that the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are coming to this country because they assume they will be able to stay and be granted amnesty. Out of the 230 illegal immigrants interviewed for this report, 219 stated amnesty was the reason they crossed our Southern Border. This intelligence report blows the claims by the Obama Administration that “this is about innocent people fleeing Central American violence” right out of the water. Yet, you won’t hear the mainstream media report it. Stand with me in refusing to let up in the fight against these “journalists” and demand they do their jobs.

I have felt like a broken record these past several weeks – but I remain adamant that the money we need to spend during this crisis must go toward building the border fence and deploying the National Guard. It is our number one domestic priority right now. This isn’t just a humanitarian crisis, this is a national security crisis. Despite spending millions per mile of fence, two Arizona ranchers exposed just what that has bought us in a video this week: little more than razor wire tied around steel posts.

 It’s no wonder tens of thousands of people are flooding into our country. The government, once again, has wasted billions with no result. It’s time we stop wasting time and money and use our funds wisely to build an effective fence. There is no excuse for our Southern border to be nothing more than thin razor wire. I don’t expect the president and his liberal allies to do anything anytime soon, but just as the plan for the multimillion dollar hotel to house illegal immigrants was tabled this week (after righteous outrage made backers nervous), we cannot let up on the fence and finally securing our border.

Keep fighting. Keep holding the press’ feet to the fire. Keep calling your representatives (state and federal). Do not give up, as this is far from over. 


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