Gun Control v. Gun Rights Key in Connecticut Gubernatorial Rematch

Gun Control v. Gun Rights Key in Connecticut Gubernatorial Rematch

The gun control package Connecticut Governor Dan P. Malloy (D) signed into law in April 2013 is playing a “big role” in that state’s gubernatorial race/rematch between Malloy and Tom Foley (R) in November 2014.

Malloy “narrowly beat Foley by 6,404 votes” in 2000. Then, following the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, he signed an immense gun control bill broadly aimed at preventing another such attack from happening. 

However, because Connecticut already had the 5th most stringent gun control laws in the country – surpassed only by California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – and because Adam Lanza stole his guns, thus bypassing all gun control measures, Foley argues that the new gun laws are “ineffective” and simply put a new level of “inconvenience [on] law-abiding citizens” who might be seeking firearms for self or home defense.

In the New Hampshire Register, Foley said he believes the focus on guns is misplaced in general – that the problems that lead to heinous acts like Sandy Hook are cultural and mental in their roots. 

Meanwhile, according to the National Journal, Malloy has not only defended the new gun control laws but is “[making] them a centerpiece for his campaign.” 

The most recent Real Clear Politics overview of the gubernatorial race has Foley leading 45.5 to 42.

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