Group Identifies Towns Associated with Releases of Immigrants Convicted of Homicide

Group Identifies Towns Associated with Releases of Immigrants Convicted of Homicide

The Center for Immigration Studies has tracked down the names of the cities and towns associated with the 169 criminal immigrants the Obama administration released last year.

In an analysis of the data by CIS’ director of policy studies Jessica Vaughan, obtained in advance of its publication by Breitbart News, Vaughan broke down the cities and states in which the zip codes land. 

Thursday, Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley released a recent letter from Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealing the zip codes of most of the 169 immigrants convicted of homicide-related crimes who were awaiting deportation proceedings but released last year. 

ICE provided the information after Grassley called on the Department of Homeland Security for answers earlier this summer following confirmed reports that ICE released 36,007 immigrants convicted of nearly 88,000 crimes last year. The criminal immigrants were all awaiting  the outcome of deportation proceedings. 

“ICE records show that these convicted killers were associated with 96 different cities and towns across America.  The city with the largest concentration was Miami, with seven convicted murderers freed by ICE, followed by Los Angeles with six,” Vaughan wrote in her Friday analysis. 

Based on the data analyzed, California and Florida had that greatest numbers of zip codes associated with aliens with homicide-related convicts released, 48 and 23 respectively. 

“ICE states that 154 of the 169 aliens with homicide-related convictions were freed because of a court order, leaving nine releases that were at ICE’s discretion.  This contradicts an earlier ICE statement saying that about one-fourth of the releases (or about 48) were discretionary,” Vaughan wrote. 

“Some of the court-ordered releases are the so-called Zadvydas cases, where ICE must release or anticipates being ordered to release an alien because their country refuses to cooperate in the deportation process,” she continued. “Others are likely the result of a Ninth Circuit ruling allowing for bond hearings for aliens whose detention lasts for six months.” 

Vaughan went on to note that it is interesting that ICE only noted that one of the convicts has left the country.

“ICE does not specify how many, or if any, of the released homicide convicts have been removed from the country.  It states that only 131 have even been issued a final order of removal, and that one of the freed convicts was granted voluntary departure.  That individual is the only one that ICE says has left the country.  This gives the impression that the rest of the homicide convicts who were freed are still at large somewhere in the United States.” 

See the list of cities and towns via CIS and view a map of it all here

Cities and Towns Associated with Convicted Murderers Freed by ICE in 2013

Alaska (2)

Anchorage 2

Arizona (3)

Phoenix 1

Buckeye 1

Tucson 1

California (48)

Los Angeles 6

Pomona 3

San Jose 3

Glendale 2

Sacramento 2

Beverly Hills 1

Huntington Park 1

San Pedro 1

Montrose 1

Pacoima 1

Reseda 1

Burbank 1

N. Hollywood 1

Chino Hills 1

S. El Monte 1

La Puenta 1

Rosemead 1

Oceanside 1

Vista 1

Adelanto 1

Murrieta 1

Irvine 1

Westminster 1

Anaheim 1

Fullerton 1

Garden Grove 1

Corona 1

Oxnard 1

Batton Willow 1

Fresno 1

San Francisco 1

Antioch 1

Hayward 1

Emeryville 1

Stockton 1

Rancho Cordova 1

Tahoe City 1

Florida (23)

Miami 7

Hialeah 3

Homestead 2

Lake Worth 2

Tallahassee 1

Oviedo 1

Pembroke Pines 1

Opa-locka 1

Ft. Lauderdale 1

W. Palm Beach 1

Delray Beach 1

St. Petersburg 1

Naples 1

Georgia (7)

Atlanta 3

Lawrenceville 1

Norcross 1

Mableton 1

Newnan 1

Illinois (2)

Plainfield 1

Springfield 1

Iowa (2)

Des Moines 1

Sioux City 1

Kentucky (1)

Louisville 1

Louisiana (2)

Kenner 1

Baton Rouge 1

Maryland (1)

Owings Mills 1

Michigan (1)

Pontiac 1

Minnesota (5)

Minneapolis 2

St. Paul 1

Minkato 1

Willmar 1

Nevada (2)

Reno 2

New York (15)

Bronx 5

Brooklyn 3

Manhattan 2

Staten Island 1

Ridgewood 1

Queens Village 1

Jamaica 1

Syracuse 1

North Carolina (4)

Charlotte 2

Durham 1

Wingate 1

Ohio (2)

Columbus 1

N. Olmsted 1

Oklahoma (1)

Gate 1

Oregon (2)

Fairview 1

Portland 1

Pennsylvania (3)

Sharon 1

Allentown 1

Philadelphia 1

Texas (4)

Houston 2

Cypress 1

Katy 1

Virginia (2)

Alexandria 2

Washington (1)

Seattle 1

Wisconsin (1)

Milwaukee 1


(Note: This list is derived from the list of zip codes provided by ICE that were associated with the criminal alien’s last known address. This information was not available for every released alien. In addition, there could be more than one convict associated with a zip code.)


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