Nigel Farage: GOP Establishment Candidate Can't Beat a Democrat for President

Nigel Farage: GOP Establishment Candidate Can't Beat a Democrat for President

On Sunday night, Nigel Farage, the Chairman of the United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP), said that the next time Republicans prop up a “continuity, establishment candidate” for President of the United Sates, they are not going to win.

Appearing on Breitbart News Sunday, airing at 7-10 pm ET on Sirius XM Patriot Radio and speaking with Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Farage said that unless you can “energize and engage, to use an old fashioned term, the blue collar voter, you are not going to beat the Democrats.”

Farage believes that the conservatives in America and the conservatives in the UK are fighting the same battles: runaway government expansion, exploding social welfare programs, and the immigration issues.

The leader of UKIP says that the politics of the 80’s was about the economy. The “politics of now is the politics of nation, the politics of identity, and the politics of community.”

One of the arguments that UKIP makes, says Farage, is that the United Kingdom should have kept its “birthright to be an independent, democratic, self-governing nation.” Farage adds that England believes in a certain set of values: “We believe in democracy, we believe in the rule of law, we created the Magna Carter, these are what it means to be British.”

Moreover, Farage says that these values have evolved over many centuries and that men have sacrificed their lives for those values in a number of wars.

Farage believes that the UK’s entry into the European Union is a “betrayal of those who were killed in two world wars, a betrayal when we fought for independence and we fought for democracy, not just for us, but for Belgium, Poland, and the rest of Europe too. And to throw that all out of the window, to say these values don’t matter anymore, because we are going to try a new project, frankly its akin to treachery.”


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