Daily Beast: Ted Cruz 'Electrifies' Values Voter Summit

Daily Beast: Ted Cruz 'Electrifies' Values Voter Summit

From The Daily Beast:

Texas is well known for its barbeque but, once again on Friday, Ted Cruz showed that he’s better at serving up red meat than any other resident of the Lone Star State.

In a speech to assembled crowd of social conservatives at the Values Voter Summit, the first-term Texas senator repeatedly brought attendees to their feet as he hit every note perfectly for the crowd. Cruz started the speech by referencing the one year anniversary of his failed filibuster on the eve of the government shutdown, segued to a story about his father drinking too much before finding Jesus in the 1970s and ended with the hope that Americans would “vote Harry Reid out” in November and elect a Republican president in 2016.

In between, Cruz attributed quotes from the Bible and offered unattributed quotes from Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, telling the crowd that the GOP “need[s] to offer a choice, not an echo” and that “we don’t paint in pale pastels, we paint in bold colors.”

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