Poll: 65% of Marylanders Don't Think Gov. O'Malley Should Run for President


A strong majority of Marylanders do not think their governor, Martin O’Malley (D), should run for president.   

A Goucher poll found that 65 percent of Marylanders think O’Malley should not run for president, while only 19 percent think he should. O’Malley, whose second gubernatorial term ends in January, has been traveling around the country stumping for Democrats and brown-nosing with activists and donors in early primary states. 

O’Malley has tried to move to the left of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama on immigration, saying over the summer that illegal immigrant juveniles from Central America should not be sent back to “certain death.” But the White House called him out for his hypocrisy on the issue when he reportedly begged the Obama administration to not dump illegal immigrant juveniles in his state.

O’Malley’s administration has seen its fair share of scandals from the alleged corruption in its prison system to the state’s mismanagement of its Obamacare website. He also taxes the state’s rain, and Maryland residents have been moving to Virginia to seek a better economic climate while O’Malley has presided over the state. 

The survey was conducted Sept. 28-Oct. 2 and has a margin of error of +/-  3.7 percentage points.


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