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Tennessee Democrat: GOP Opposition to Obamacare Will Cause Ebola Epidemic

Tennessee Democrat: GOP Opposition to Obamacare Will Cause Ebola Epidemic

A liberal Democrat Congressman from Tennessee is insisting that because of their opposition to Obmacare, Republicans could cause an Ebola epidemic in his state.

Memphis Democrat Steve Cohen has a long history of making over-the-top, incendiary comments, and this month he took to Twitter to needle Republicans over resistance to both the expansion of Medicaid and Obama’s takeover of our national healthcare system with his signature Obamacare law.

In a combative tweet, Cohen said, “If ebola comes to #tennessee our failure to have expanded #medicaid will cause much greater epidemic as uninsured wont get diagnosed early.”

As many of Cohen’s commenters noted, Medicaid expansion has nothing at all to do with patients who would appear at an emergency room if they feared they had contracted Ebola.

But in a total contradiction to his fearmonging on Twitter, Cohen recently sent out an email to supporters blowing off any worries over Ebola, saying that “it’s important to remember that the risk of an outbreak of the disease in this country is unlikely.”

Cohen has a long history of making bombastic and hateful claims. In 2011, for instance, he called Republicans Nazis.

Last year, Cohen, 65, also got snared in a strange controversy after he was caught tweeting “I love you” to a bikini model. At first Cohen claimed that the 24-year-old woman was the daughter of a close friend, but then he abruptly changed his story and began claiming she was his own daughter. It later emerged that she was neither the daughter of a friend nor his own daughter.

Cohen eventually claimed he was misled and thought she really was his daughter.

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