Perdue Releases New Ad Focused on Terrorism and Ebola


Georgia Republican nominee for U.S.  Senate David Perdue released a new ad called “Trust.” The ad asks voters if they can trust President Obama  on national security matters as well as the current Ebola crisis.

Narrator: The issue is trust. Do you trust President Obama and the Washington politicians to deal with the problems we face? Too much debt. Not enough jobs. Terrorism and Ebola coming at us from overseas.”

David Perdue: “If you’re as frustrated as I am by the dysfunction in Washington and believe we can do better, then I’d really appreciate your trust and your vote. I’m David Perdue and I approve this message.”

Perdue spokeswoman Megan Whittemore said: “Georgians don’t trust Washington. The constant gridlock and failed policies stemming from Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s agenda have not helped middle class families in Georgia. This election comes down to who the people of Georgia can trust to fight for them. David Perdue will go to the United States Senate to solve problems families face everyday. He will work to grow good jobs, protect our national security, and create more opportunity for all Georgians. Throughout this campaign, Michelle Nunn has shown she is wiling to say and do anything to get elected, but has failed to offer any real solutions on the issues that matter most. Georgians want more than that from their next U.S. Senator.”

 Perdue, on the last stretch of his 50-city bus tour, told WMAZ immediately following the shooting in Ottawa, Canada:

“Well, first let me say my heart goes out to the affected people up there,” Perdue said. “I mean, it’s a tragedy, but it awakens all of us to the fact that the reality is it can happen anywhere at any time, and we’ve got to be diligent, and right now, I believe we don’t have the leadership with regard to the White House and the administration paying attention to our national security.”

Perdue also said that he’s heard from Georgians all over the state who are ” very concerned about that. It’s not just ISIS, it’s the Ebola threat. ISIS itself threatened our very backyard when they say we’re bringing our terrorism to your backyard. We need to pay attention to that.”



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