Video Released Of Ferguson Police Officer Leaving Station Hours After Shooting

Video Released Of Ferguson Police Officer Leaving Station Hours After Shooting

A video released by The St. Louis Dispatch on Friday showed Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson with his union lawyer Greg Kloeppel and two police officers leaving the Ferguson police station for the hospital a little after 2PM on August 9—immediately following Wilson’s confrontation with 18 year old Ferguson resident Mike Brown. 

Wilson fatally shot Brown that day during an incident still being investigated by a grand jury.

Another video shows the men returning to the station an hour and a half later.

Wilson has been out of the public eye since the shooting. He appeared before the St. Louis County grand jury in mid-September and testified for almost four hours. The grand jury recently heard testimony from Dr. Michael Baden, the forensic pathologist hired by the family of Michael Brown. A decision from the grand jury as to whether Wilson should be indicted on any charges is expected within two weeks.

In the meantime, local and state government officials are preparing for the day the decision is released. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon told reporters last week that on the day a decision is made by the grand jury, the state highway patrol will work with St. Louis County as well as city police and act as a unified team. The National Guard will be available if needed.

Additionally, as shops board up their store fronts in preparation for any violent backlash the decision of the grand jury could trigger—like what was seen in August during protesters’ confrontations with the police—organizers have been training groups of individuals around the St. Louis County and metropolitan area for the past few weeks.


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