HHS Seeks ‘Suggestions’ on Increasing Obamacare ‘Transparency’

HHS Seeks ‘Suggestions’ on Increasing Obamacare ‘Transparency’

The Obama administration is seeking “suggestions” on how to increase “transparency, ownership, and accountability” for Obamacare in the wake of its admission that it fudged Obamacare enrollments by 1.3 million. 

On Sunday evening, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell emailed senior staff asking for ideas on how to improve transparency for an administration that President Barack Obama has claimed is already “the most transparent administration” in history. 

“I am asking each of you to schedule a staff meeting to ask for suggestions to strengthen this culture of increased transparency, ownership, and accountability, and for those suggestions to be reported back to me,” wrote Burwell. 

Burwell added, “As leaders, we all must have a sense of urgency in promoting these cultural values.” 

Burwell, now under fire for the phony Obamacare figures, claims the Obama administration made a “mistake” and accidentally counted over 400,000 dental plan sign-ups as health insurance subscribers. In September, HHS said it mistakenly inflated Obamacare enrollments by 700,000. 

The real Obamacare number, HHS now claims, is just 6.7 million, not the highly publicized 8 million figure Obama touted. 

Gallup finds that support for Obamacare has hit an all-time low of just 37 percent.


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