Laura Ingraham: House GOP Leadership Putting Out ‘Welcome Mat’ for Illegals

Laura Ingraham: House GOP Leadership Putting Out ‘Welcome Mat’ for Illegals

On Friday, conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham called out top House GOP leaders for wanting to give permanent legal status to nearly all of the country’s illegal immigrants even after an election in which Republicans took back Congress because Americans disapproved of President Barack Obama and Democrats on illegal immigration and amnesty.

On The Laura Ingraham Show, Ingraham, whose relentless campaign against former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) because of his pro-amnesty positions not only helped oust him in a shocking June primary but also derailed whatever chance an amnesty bill had of passing in the last Congress, simply asked, “What is the point of having a Republican Congress?”

“Why do I know they’re going to sell you out on the immigration question?” she said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) Thursday press conference in which he did not commit to defunding Obama’s executive amnesty. “We had a lot of Senators and Congressmen campaign on the pledge of defunding executive amnesty… This was never about shutting down the government. This was about the American people seeing that John Boehner would stand up for them.

Ingraham said even though Republicans took back the Senate and increased their majority in the House largely because candidates ran against Obama’s executive amnesty, “when push comes to shove, we get sold out by the Speaker of the House.”

“I held out hope that John Boehner would stand up for American people first: Black, white, brown, asian– everyone here in this country legally deserves the opportunity to get a job at a market wage– not a distorted market wage,” she said, referring to the detrimental impact that illegal immigration may have on the wages of American workers.

In addition, regarding House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sesssions’ (R-TX) remarks on Wednesday evening in which he revealed that the Republican leadership wants an amnesty bill in which “not one” illegal immigrant who is not a violent criminal is “thrown out” or “deported,” Ingrham asked, “Is Pete Sessions working with Guatemala and Honduras to bring more people into the country?”

“You might as well be. He’s putting a welcome mat for anyone who wants to come into this country illegally today,” she said of Sessions’ remarks that it was not even in the “wildest dreams” of House Republican leaders to deport illegal immigrants who have not committed violent crimes. “It gives me great pains to say this– [but] do you understand that you’re sent to Washington to represent the interests of Americans, not just the donor class, not just La Raza, but Americans, American families. If you want to have some consulting work in Central America, then I suggest you go down there and do that and work for them, but we don’t need you to work for them while we’re paying your salary here. We need you to work for us.”

Ingraham, who also told listeners that the GOP leadership is calling conservatives “gripers” and “trying to quiet you,” said she had “a simple question: why do illegal immigrants get better representation in Washington than the U.S. Citizen?” 

“They’re trying to lull you into complacency,” Ingraham continued. “We must send a message to Washington, D.C. We must defund amnesty and that means you must call your representatives. Put pressure on them– they’re always putting pressure on us.”


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