Stand for Something

Stand for Something

The 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill being hawked by the Republican House Leadership has language funding Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty plan. However, there are a few Representatives in office willing to stand up for our conservative principles in a last-ditch effort to defund this Obama train wreck.

Conservative Representatives Dave Brat, Mick Mulvaney, and Matt Salmon have issued an amendment for consideration which states, “No funds in the $1 trillion bill, and no fees collected by key agencies, [can] be used to carry out or enforce Obama’s Nov. 20 executive action on immigration.” Although the House of Representatives’ Republican-led Rules Committee will almost certainly reject the amendment put forth, it is important for the American people to know that this unjust executive decree will be fully-funded once the passage of the spending bill is complete.

It is without question that Obama’s executive amnesty must not be funded. Brat, Mulvany, and Salmon are finally holding Speaker Boehner’s feet to the fire with this proposed amendment, and their fight to defund illegal amnesty is most certainly not going unnoticed. The spending bill, as it stands now, is just another example of Boehner and the Establishment attempting to overlook our Constitutional Principles in order to pass a bill without pushback. When it comes to matters of extreme importance, such as illegal immigration, passing a bill which funds a push to grant blanket amnesty to all individuals who have broken the law of the land is unfathomable.

The time is now for Congress to finally begin listening to the will of the voters and reject Obama’s executive amnesty by disallowing funding of this catastrophe. Members of Congress need to stand for something. According to a recent Gallup poll, 51% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s amnesty. But more importantly, on November 4th, millions of Americans went to the ballot box and rejected President Obama’s failed policies. While we know our current Commander-in-Chief has no intentions to listen to the will of the voters, it is about time Congress follows the lead of Representatives Brat, Mulvaney, and Salmon and passes spending bills which fund programs the majority of taxpayers agree with and promote.


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