President Obama: In Politics You Are On The Same Team

President Obama: In Politics You Are On The Same Team

After last night’s contentious House vote passing the $1.1 trillion cromnibus spending bill, President Obama went on ESPN radio to remind Americans that they were all on the same team when it came to politics.

“You know in politics sometimes people forget that we’re actually all on the same team, and that’s the American team,” Obama said during an interview with ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd.

Obama pointed out that in sports, people were used to fierce rivalries, citing the Eagles and Raiders stadiums as places where “folks are hollering at you and throwing stuff at you.”

“Sometimes I think in politics we forget that we’re not actually on different teams, we’re all trying to make sure people have jobs, have opportunity, have health care, our kids get a chance to go to college and that we’re keeping ourselves safe from terrorists,” he mused. “And it would be useful for us every once in a while to just remind ourselves of that.”


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