‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest Burns Flag in Hollywood

Flag Burning in Hollywood (Screenshot / Cassandra / Vine)
Flag Burning in Hollywood (Screenshot / Cassandra / Vine)

Demonstrators who joined the “after-party” of the “Millions March” in Los Angeles on Saturday burned a flag in the heart of Hollywood on Saturday evening as a protest against the death of black suspects at the hands of police. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrators also blocked traffic at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, according to social media tracked by Twitchy, where police officers had shot and killed a man earlier in the month who was allegedly armed.

The protestors alleged that a car broke through their human chain across Hollywood Boulevard, injuring one demonstrator. In other ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations, notably in Oakland, marchers threw themselves on the hoods of police cars and then claimed to have been assaulted–a tactic captured on live streaming and viewed in real-time by Breitbart News.

The Hollywood protest was an offshoot of the earlier, legal, organized and orderly demonstration covered by Breitbart News in West Los Angeles. Another demonstration at the same location earlier in the month had also burned an American flag.

Image: Screenshot / Cassandra / Vine

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