Oakland May Day riot (Justin Sullivan / Getty)

Oakland Braces for Anti-Trump Inauguration Mob Violence

Oakland businesses are bracing for anti-Trump protests on inauguration weekend, fearing that left-wing activists are once again about to go on a violent rampage that will trash local businesses.


The Inherent Violence of Grievance Culture

Of course we have violence in the streets. Left-wing grievance culture is inherently violent. Murder and assault are inevitable. Police officers are among the first targets, because they are obliged to be on the scene during major demonstrations, and because they’re symbols of the oppressive authority deemed illegitimate by grievance-mongers.

David McNew/Getty Images/AFP

‘Small Dedicated Group’ of ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest Braves Cold

Cold weather and irrepressible holiday cheer kept “Black Lives Matter” protests small at New Year’s Eve celebrations across campus on Wednesday evening. Organizers across California contented themselves with the fact that they had staged demonstrations at all. (Photo: @Cassandra / Twitter)

Flag Burning in Hollywood (Screenshot / Cassandra / Vine)

‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest Burns Flag in Hollywood

Demonstrators who joined the “after-party” of the “Millions March” in Los Angeles on Saturday burned a flag in the heart of Hollywood on Saturday evening as a protest against the death of black suspects at the hands of police.