Al Jazeera’s List of GA School Shootings Includes Incidents with No One Shot


On January 29, Al Jazeera claimed there were 12 school shootings in the state of Georgia since December 2012, but some of these shootings were incidents in which no one was shot.

The statistic makes sense, only inasmuch as Al Jazeera leaned heavily on Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety for much of its information. Breitbart News previously reported that Everytown’s list of school shootings includes non-school, non-existent, and accidental shootings.

Al Jazeera opens the article by giving details of a fatal shooting that took place in a school parking lot at night after a school function. It then points to an Everytown study and claims that “Georgia has had 12 shooting incidents at K-12 schools or colleges” since Sandy Hook.

The outlet then quotes various gun control advocates and groups to suggest that more guns equals more death.

At the same time, in some of the “12 shooting incidents,” not only were there no fatalities, but no one was even shot. Al Jazeera reported it this way: “Three other incidents involved gunshots that didn’t hit anybody.”

And many of the remaining nine incidents do more to demonstrate the futility of gun control than make a case for pro-gun laws.

For example, in January 2013, a 14-year-old received a “flesh wound” after being shot by a fellow student during an argument at “the courtyard of Price Middle School in Atlanta.” Control laws against bringing guns to schools, under-age possession of firearms, illegally concealing/transporting firearms, and numerous others were broken. Al Jazeera does not mention this.

In another incident, “a 17-year-old girl took a handgun to Grady High School in Atlanta.” At some point, the gun accidentally discharged, and the girl shot herself in the leg. As with the incident at Price Middle School, numerous gun control laws were broken in this incident. Moreover, this was not a school shooting in the true sense of the term; this was an accidental discharge that harmed only the person who brought the gun.

Were there any confirmed school shootings with a fatality at a Georgia elementary or high school during this time period? Al Jazeera indicates there was one death in October as a result of the argument that took place in a high school parking lot at night after a school function.

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