Global Warming Hoax Revealed In Record-High Manhattan Real Estate Prices


In 2006, on NBC’s Today Show, former-Vice President Al Gore predicted that Manhattan would be flooded in “15 to 20 years.” He added, “In fact the World Trade Center Memorial site would be underwater.” Just 3 years ago, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority predicted that within the next ten years, “Irene-like storms of the future would put a third of New York City streets under water and flood many of the tunnels leading into Manhattan in under an hour because of climate change[.]”

By hook or crook, through super storms or glacier melt, Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change has doomed the Big Apple.

What we have here are two of the most respected environmental voices among the political Left — Gore and the government —  warning of dire flooding hitting Manhattan within the next 10 years. And at least according to their activism, the predominantly left-wing, Global Warming believers of Manhattan are listening. Furious about the lack of wealth-distribution that will save the planet and their small island, just 6 months ago, more than 300,000 took to the streets of Manhattan to protest.

And yet, a funny thing is happening in the real world of the free market. Manhattan might be the elite media/entertainment/intellectual hub of the cult of Global Warming, but where the rubber meets the bottom line, the cult obviously doesn’t really believe in its own propaganda. If they did, Manhattan real estate prices would be collapsing, not hitting record highs as they currently are.

If people truly believe an area is going to be flooded as soon as in the next decade, those same people would be selling off their real estate. Not just to escape but to sell before conditions worsened and real estate prices bottomed out further. As the deadline loomed closer, prices would decrease further.

What’s happening, though, is the exact opposite.

The average Manhattan home price is now over $1.7 million. With some apartment prices now breaking nine figures, it’s time to take a look at the booming New York real estate market and explore where middle class families fit into the picture.

At 157 West 57th Street, the most expensive New York home sale was just completed with the penthouse of this new building going for over $100 million.

Howard Lorber, the chairman of Douglas Elliman, the city’s largest residential brokerage, told me that there is no sign of this trend slowing down. He called New York a safe place for people around the world to invest in real estate.

Maybe what’s happening is that Manhattan’s left-wing Global Warming believers are suckering right-wing Climate Deniers into buying doomed real estate at record prices?

First off, there is absolutely no evidence of that. There is evidence, however, that many of these buyers come from an international community that we’re told is more enlightened on environmental issues than us big dumb Americans. Secondly, America’s primary Global Warming propaganda outlets are either staying in or actually consolidating operations in the very same Manhattan they claim to believe will be flooded in the next decade.

NBC News remains at Rockefeller Center. NBC is a left-wing entertainment and news network dominated and run by true blue Global Warming believers … and yet they remain in a city that their most fervently held pro-science belief says will be uninhabitable as soon as the next decade. In fact, in 2006, the same year Al Gore made his prediction on NBC’s Today Show, NBC moved its full MSNBC operations from New Jersey to doomed Manhattan.

No one spouts more hot air about Global Warming than the New York Times. As of now, though, I am unaware of any plans the Grey Lady has to vacate 8th Avenue.

While the left-wing CNN spreads the Global Warming gospel, it is, at the same time — get this — moving much of its base of operations from the safe inland city of Atlanta to doomed Manhattan.

There is plenty to doubt about the fraudulent and very flawed science behind the Global Warming hoax. What gets me, though, is that Global Warming Believers do not even bother to behave like Global Warming Believers.

I’m not even talking about hypocrisy. You can believe in Global Warming and own a private jet.

What I’m talking is self-interest.

Even if you believe there’s the slightest chance your investment will be wiped out, you don’t risk millions. You invest it elsewhere. But science doesn’t lie. This is, after all, science warning Manhattan about imminent flooding. Only anti-science rubes ignore science, right?

If the New York Times, CNN, and NBC News truly believed in Global Warming, they would get the hell out of Dodge. But they not only choose to stay in the face of their own dire predictions about the fate of Manhattan, in the case of CNN and NBC, they double down.

Same with the famously liberal residents of Manhattan. Despite the fact that they claim to believe in this nonsense, no one is fleeing inland. Despite the fact that the flood deadline looms closer and closer, real estate in an area we’re told will soon be underwater is becoming more and more precious and expensive among the very same crowd who claim to believe just the opposite is true.

If that’s not proof that CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and the elite left-wingers who inhabit Manhattan know Global Warming is nothing more than a left-wing con job, nothing is.

Why should I believe in something the True Believers obviously don’t believe in?

Their own actions betray them as liars. And so do the real estate prices that make them even wealthier. 

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