Jindal to GOP: We Don’t Need a Second Democratic Party, ‘Grow a Spine’

In his speech at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) began his speech with, “We’ve got to get our country back on the right track.” In that speech the two-term governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate focused on three main themes: repealing Obamacare, repealing  Common Core to get it completely out of America’s schools and fighting and winning the war against radical Islam.

“We must repeal every single word of ObamaCare not a little bit but all of it,” Jindal said, referencing the Affordable Care Act, while also chiding “Washington Republicans” who now appear to be hedging their bets. Republicans in Washington are “waving a white flag on amnesty and ObamaCare, we won’t stand for that,” he added.

Jindal stayed with the theme a bit, going on to repeatedly criticize “Republicans in Washington”on both taxes and entitlement programs, saying that they want to keep “some tax increases” and some entitlement programs once they get to Washington, D.C. after having campaigned to repeal them.

“I don’t remember them saying we’re going to repeal the easy parts of ObamaCare,” said Jindal. He added, it’s “time for them to govern the way they campaigned,”

He also said we don’t need “a second Democratic Party, we need principled conservative Republicans.”

As for Common Core, Jindal declared it needed to be removed “from every classroom in America.”

Jindal cited the importance of education in growing the American economy, increasing income opportunities long term, while also fulfilling America’s promise as “an aspirational society.” Jindal explained that Common Core undermined all those elements.

Liberals also took some criticism  from the Louisiana governor. He told the CPAC crowd the left doesn’t think we’re smart enough to make own decisions, own guns, or pick the best educational opportunities. We need to “trust parents, not bureaucrats,” he added.

Jindal’s final focus was the war against radical Islam and Jindal highlighted his recent comments regarding Barack Obama’s unsuitability to be commander-in-chief.

“We must fight and win the war against radical Islamic terrorism,” he said.

As for Obama recently invoking the Crusades, said Jindal, “I’ll keep an eye out for medieval Christians why don’t you (Obama) do your job and deal with radical Islam?”

He also criticized outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder saying he doesn’t even recognize we are at war. The crowd applauded when he asked, “How many of you will be happy when Eric Holder is out of a job?”

As for the 2016 presidential election, he said not winning is not an option.

“We have to win this election, we must win this election [to preserve the country],” Jindal said.

In a brief question and answer session at end, Jindal again called for Republicans in Washington, D.C. to “grow a spine” when it comes to fighting against Obama’s executive amnesty.

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