Mark Levin: GOP Surrendered to Totalitarian Democratic Party

Mark Levin

NATIONAL HARBOR, (MD) — After delivering an exhilarating speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), legal scholar and one of America’s most listened to radio talk show hosts Mark Levin joined Breitbart News Saturday on Patriot radio.

Levin explained that George Washington and the founding fathers wanted to make sure that the case against the British during the American Revolution was known across the entire world. “Well I want the whole world to know what our case is against Barack Obama,” Levin told Breitbart Hosts Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow. “It is a compelling case against a man who is increasingly tyrannical.”

The most important thing to note about Obama, Levin contends, is that if the framers of the constitution were around today, they wouldn’t be able to recognize this country. The radio host sometimes referred to as “The Great One” argues that America is no longer a federal republic — because the states have no authority — or a representative republic “because most of the laws made in this country are not made by congress; they are made by the executive branch through the bureaucracy.”

Levin says that thousands of laws are crafted and the people have no say in creating them. On top of this, says Levin, “it’s not even a constitutional republic anymore. We have a very dire situation on our hands.”  President Obama imposes his will on congress, leaving them “completely confounded,” and they “don’t know how to deal with this radical leftist in the White House.”

Obama is an expert at “abusing his authority,” says Levin. He believes that the Republicans, on the other hand, don’t really embrace conservative principles. “They may share our rhetoric but not our principles,” Levin insisted.

The minimum prescription for Republicans to change the political landscape is to nominate a conservative, Levin explained. But what really is going to save this country is the “bottom up, the grass roots, it’s the state legislatures acting together through article 5,” the Great One argues.

“I’ve concluded that the Democrats are a party with a totalitarian bias,” said Levin. “But I think the Republicans have surrendered to it… surrendered or [been] conquered by it, one or the other.”


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