Jerry Brown Refuses to Give Hillary Pass on Email Scandal: ‘Nothing Is Just What It Is’

Jerry Brown (AP)
Associated Press

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) knows better than to give Hillary Clinton a pass on her private email scandal.

When the Washington Post asked Brown about it on Friday, “Brown said he is not convinced the issue is a passing storm, as many other Democrats contend.”

“I don’t know that,” Brown said. “With these things, what makes a difference, you often don’t know until it unfolds because nothing is just what it is. It’s always in part of a larger context. Things unfold and things happen.”

As the New York Times noted, Democrats, who believe Clinton is “too big to fail” and their inevitable nominee, have been put in the unenviable position of defending Clinton’s many scandals. 

Brown did concede, though, that Clinton has a clear path to the 2016 nomination.

“Running against Hillary is like running against Jerry Brown in California,” he reportedly said. “In the Democratic Party, it’s not going to happen. You reach a certain point of party loyalty and it’s very powerful.”

As Breitbart News has noted, one can argue that Bill Clinton may never have been impeached had Brown not relentlessly brought up Clinton’s Whitewater scandal during their 1992 primary battle in which Brown also refused to immediately endorse Clinton.
When the Post asked about his relationship with the Clintons, Brown reportedly said, “It’s all been written about,” and added that “we come from different parts of the country.”
“I think I occupy a unique part of the party, and I don’t find too many people in the same place….It’s a very small part of the party, unfortunately,” he reportedly said.


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