‘Merica 101: Cooking Bacon on a Machine Gun Silencer


When people think ‘Merica they think NRA, AR-15, mom’s apple pie, fishing and camping, Smith & Wesson, NASCAR events, and Super Bowl Sunday.

And yes, they also think about cooking bacon on the silencer of a machine gun.

That’s right–wrapping bacon around the silencer on a machine gun, covering it with aluminum foil, and holding down the trigger until the barrel and silencer get so hot the bacon sizzles.

That may be about as indicative of ‘Merica as it gets.

Think about it: You’ve got a machine gun–a real life, legal-in-the-U.S. machine gun–and you’ve got a silencer–a real-life, legal-in-the-U.S. silencer–to go with it. Dustin Ellerman then shows you how to wrap the bacon around the silencer, how to then wrap the bacon-covered silencer in aluminum foil, and how to cook the tasty breakfast food.

Hint: cooking does not involve an open flame, but it does involve opening fire.

Seriously, could ‘Merica be better represented?

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