Spain’s Pig Farmers Thrive As Fellow European Breeders Struggle

While pig breeders in many European countries are suffering from a crippling Russian embargo, their counterparts in Spain, Europe’s second-biggest pork producer, have stayed afloat thanks to a system that sees a large majority work for a company — and


California: Warning Labels Coming to Bacon?

California is grappling with a new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) that claims that consuming red meat and processed meat could increase the risk of cancer–and the state could soon require warning labels on popular food items like sausages and bacon as a result.


‘Merica 101: Cooking Bacon on a Machine Gun Silencer

When people think ‘Merica they think NRA, AR-15, mom’s apple pie, fishing and camping, Smith & Wesson, NASCAR events, and Super Bowl Sunday.

And yes, they also think about cooking bacon on the silencer of a machine gun.