Marco Rubio: ‘I Will Announce On April 13’

Marco Rubio
Gage Skidmore

Sen. Marco Rubio says he’s planning to announce “something” about his 2016 plans on April 13. But during an appearance on Fox News, he declined to confirm reports that he will declare his presidential candidacy at the Freedom Tower in Miami.

“I will announce on April 13th what I’m going to do in terms of running for president or the U.S. Senate,” the Florida Republican confirmed when questioned about a potential run for president by Dana Perino on “The Five.”

Rubio directed anyone interested in his announcement to visit his website for details.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

After asserting that he isn’t a “declared candidate,” Rubio shared his thoughts on the presidential election.

“The fundamental question is, what kind country do we want to be in this new century?” he asked. “Do we want to remain an exceptional country, a land of equality of opportunity, the strongest nation on earth? or are we prepared to diminish and decline? And decline is a choice, it’s not our destiny.”


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