SCLC Leader Tells Blacks to ‘Exercise’ 2nd Amendment, Not ‘Pack Weapons’

Fox 5 Atlanta
Fox 5 Atlanta/Facebook

On March 31, Georgia Southern Christian Leadership Conference president Sam Mosteller called on blacks to “exercise their Second Amendment rights,” but afterward clarified that he was not calling on them to “pack weapons.”

According to My Fox Atlanta, Mosteller said, “I am going to ask that every family avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights, which is their full amendment rights, ‘cuz I’m tired now.”

He added:

We’re going to have to do something in our community to let the rest of America know that we are not going to be victimized by just anybody whether it be police or folks that decide that black people are thugs and we need to control that black community. We [are] not going to allow that anymore.

Asked afterward if he meant that blacks should begin carrying weapons, Mosteller said: “Listen, listen, I didn’t say that. I said the Second Amendment right? I didn’t say pack weapons. I said Second Amendment.”

He went on to ask, “Do you have to carry a weapon to avail yourself of the Second Amendment[?] The answer is no, you don’t have to okay?”

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