Moms Demand Action Mocks NRA For Following Gun Laws In Nashville


On April 6, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America mocked the NRA for planning to follow state and local laws regarding gun possession and display at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Nashville.

Moms Demand Action did this based on the fact that display guns at vendor’s booths are required to have their firing pins removed. Once Moms Demand Action saw that this was the case, they then mocked the NRA for “being ok with loaded guns on playgrounds and in bars and school, but not at their convention.”

What the over-eagerly Moms failed to note is that guns with firing pins are not banned at the NRA convention. In fact, concealed carry permit holders can and will carry their firearms at the convention–if they so choose.

The NRA is not a legislative body but a civil rights organization that has to follow federal, state, and local laws just like everybody else. Because of that, guns sitting at vendors’ booths–guns that could be commandeered by unknown persons and used for ill intent–will have their firing pins removed, thus rendering them inoperable. But handguns in the possession of concealed carry permit holders will be permitted where state and local law allows.

The convention is taking place in two different venues: The Music City Center and the Bridgestone Arena. The former allows concealed carry and the latter does not, so convention attendees will be able to carry in the one but not the other. These are not NRA policies, these are local policies.

Why is Moms Demand Action mocking the NRA for following gun laws and policies?

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